Victorian Women Gave Brutal Responses When Asked “Why Are You A Spinster?”


Dr. Bob Nicholson is a historian that recently shared a few quotes from spinsters – the “crazy cat ladies” of the Victorian era that were considered bonkers because they didn’t want to marry.

Yes, these women actually preferred the single life, even in the nineteenth century, and their defiant words were printed out in a humor magazine called “Tit-Bits” in 1889.

The article asked single women:

“Why Are You A Spinster?”

Their responses were anything between dramatic and absolutely delightful, and we can honestly say that they are relatable even today!

Some of the answers were witty, and some were actually hilarious. For example, one of them was “animal man less docile than a dog, less affectionate than a cat, and less amusing than a monkey”.

This is how people on Twitter reacted to the sassy quotes from “Tit-Bits”:

What do you think about these responses?

Oh, and another interesting fact about unmarried women in the Victorian era:
The term “spinster” was reserved for women aged from 22 to 26. However, once they turned 27, they were called “thornback”.