Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm on Losing Her Period: ‘My Destructive Habits Were Working’


The Australian model, 26, decided in August to finally “make peace” with her body. She got rid of her scales, measuring tape and smallest clothes, and she deleted all the gym selfies and progress shots on her phone.

“Basically, I wanted no point of reference any more of a time when I was smaller, or larger,” Malcolm wrote on her blog. “I just wanted to stop looking in mirrors and telling myself that I was ‘too fat,’ and ‘not doing enough.’ Easy to say, insanely hard to do. I was attempting to undo twelve years of being told to lose weight and ‘tone up.’ ”

“I cannot tell you how many times I went to bed with my head whirling — trying to get me to latch onto how much I ate at dinner, or during the day, or trying to convince myself to change my diet, start training hard again, start tracking my size, just start doing more,” Malcolm said. “It felt like two steps forward, one and three quarters step back.”

In August 2017 she was trying to regain her period without success, and it took someone criticizing her body to make her commit more fully to her health.

“I was nearly back at the size I was the year before, and had skipped my period again,” she said. “When I was told that my body wasn’t looking good enough, something snapped. Enough was enough. I made a vow to myself to allow my body to reach its natural, healthy size. I would eat healthily, eat well, and eat enough. I would exercise to add to my life. And if there was a place for me in the industry after all that, fantastic. So far, so good.”

“My message here is for diversity,” Malcolm said. “No woman should look in a catalogue, or on a billboard, or in a magazine and see a young girl who is unwell. Who’s body has shut down from starvation, all in an attempt to fit someone else’s twisted idea of what beauty is.”