Video Resurfaces of Demi Moore Passionately Kissing 15-year-old Boy, She was 19


Is passionately French-kissing a 15 year-old boy — multiple times — okay? The age difference is 4+ years, he was under age.

Social media came ablaze following the resurfacing of a video featuring acclaimed Hollywood actress Demi Moore kissing a just-turned 15-year old boy.

The video was apparently filmed at 1982, and features Demi Moore, who was 19 at the time, repeatedly kissing Philip Tanzini, who co-starred with her in the soap General Hospital, at his 15th birthday party.

The video was originally posted on YouTube in 2012, accruing over 6.5 million views since then, and has recently resurfaced in the media in light of the sex scandals that have rocked Hollywood this year.

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