White Women Are Ready And Rallying Up For Trump


The popular refrain on the left was that 53% of white women voters supported Donald Trump following the 2016 presidential election.
However, that 53% is not easily embarrassed, and they’re getting ready for their close up.

Trump’s last week should have been a public relations nightmare, because he told four congresswomen of color to go back to their original countries, and doubled down, insisting that his comments weren’t racist.

The House voted to formally condemn Trump’s remarks, and one USA Today poll found that two-thirds of Americans considered Trump’s comments “offensive”. However, the week was a test drive in solidarity for the 2020 election for Trump loyalists, and white women are ready.

CNN recently had an interview with a small panel of mostly white Republican women, most of whom connected to the Trump campaign, and asked them if they found his comments offensive. They said no.

Gina O’Briant said that Trump didn’t say anything about color in his tweets, and she added that he dated a black woman for two years, and two of his wives are immigrants, so he cannot possibly be racist.

Kathleen Lieberman said that even though the congresswomen are American now, they’re not acting American.

Dena Miller said that the first black billionaire is endorsing President Trump, referencing BET founder Bob Jonhson who praised Trump for his tweets.

The women on the panel showed their elementary understanding of racism, but they also showed how little that actually matters.


Most Americans don’t know how racism works, but these women weren’t just a random group of Republican women gathered around.
Three of the women on the panel are members of the Texas Women for Trump Coalition, and Miller is the national director of Trumpettes for America.

They had the same enthusiasm at the official launch of Women for Trump in Pennsylvania a few days ago, where Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Katrina Pierson, and Diamond and Silk fired up the crowd of around 1,000 overwhelmingly white women.

42 percent of women voters supported Trump in 2016, and Lara is tasked with increasing that number to 46 or 47 percent. Looking at the glorified pep rally, it’s clear that she knows exactly where to look for those voters.

Lara told Vice News that she wants to inspire women to get out there, talk to their friends, to their neighbors, their co-workers, and really make it OK to support Donald Trump openly.
She added that she believes there’s a hidden vote out there when it comes to women, as we saw in 2016. Even though all the polls said that he would not get the support of women, they were wrong.

She was dismissive when asked if his tweets were racist.