Wholesome Gifts By Boyfriends and Husbands To Their SOs That Raised The Bar For Other Men


We’re well underway the Holiday season, which only means one thing: gift shopping! Yeah, we have to admit it that between all the Christmas songs and decorations, all of us (well, at least most of us) love gifts – both shopping for our loved ones and receiving as well.

However, receiving a special gift that lets you know how much someone actually cares about you means the world.

Besides, creativity, kindness, and noticing things are some of the most crucial aspects of a relationship, and these boyfriends and husbands have taken it to another level!
As much as we hate to say it (because no bar is set too high), these boyfriends and husbands have truly taken it next level and have raised the bar. We’ve rounded up a collection of some of the more thoughtful, wholesome, and creative Christmas gifts partners have given to their significant others, and we invite you to check out the list for yourself below!


1. This guy built ‘Safety Glasses’ for his wife’s optometry office

2. Her dog passed away, so her boyfriend got her flowers in the shape of her dog

3. This guy proposed to his girlfriend with a hand-built fairytale storybook with secret puzzles inside, knowing how much she loves fairytales

4. Although her graduation ceremony was postponed, this guy took care of it!

5. This guy built his partner a wall to display her collection

6. This guy had a dedicated bench to his wife to celebrate their 30th anniversary

7. This guy is a pastry chef, and this is the cake he made for his wife’s 25-th birthday

8. This guy made a ‘smart mirror’ for his girlfriend’s birthday

9. While waiting in a line at the grocery store, this man said that he had to go use the restroom, but instead he secretly bought flowers for his wife and hid them behind his back