Why Not Having Children Doesn’t Make Me Selfish


Some women don’t want kids. And that’s OK

Whether they like children or not, most women can relate to the pressure of being told they should have children and how choosing not to do so somehow means they’ve “failed” as a woman (as every female celebrity who’s ever commented that she might not want kids can attest to).

Some may choose to focus on their education or career; others may not be able to afford it or might choose not to for medical or health reasons. And some just aren’t interested in raising kids.

Frankly, their reasons aren’t anyone’s business. Because the only problem with not wanting to have children is how much other people take issue with the choice.


Elle realised she didn’t want kids when she was 20. ‘Before that, I’d always imagined family life in a very cliché way,’ she said. ‘I thought I’d get a decent job, get married and have kids, but that was just trying to fit in with what society expected of me. I never actually got broody, or dreamed of having a family like other people seem to.

‘I soon realised that children didn’t fit into the way I wanted my life to be, and it just made sense. When I explain my decision to people I get the usual “oh you’re young, you’ll change your mind”, or “I didn’t at your age either and now look at me!”‘.
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