Why We Need More Feminist Superheroes In Comics


Author: Emili Ema Sedlar

In the past few years, not only have comic book films have become popular to wider audiences, but have played an essential role in every day conversations and in the academic world, where many university lecturers explain the symbolism of notable characters and motives that have been our role models. Of course, even though all of the characters carry a heroic archetype, each is exceptional and distinct within its own personality and background.

Take for instance Spider-Man, where within his hero journey, the audience, together with his own experience, finally understanding the meaning „with great power comes great responsibility“ and how that statement starts to carry a significant meaning in his and others lives around him.

However, from the beginning of last year, people recognized the magnitude of female superheroes, understanding how influential they can be. After the release of Wonder Woman, people began to question how come no one has heavily talked about the lack of promoting female superheroes and artists behind it, thus what does Wonder Woman mean today to many female artists out there that are trying to establish their own feminist signature in the world of art.

Gabor Racsmany is a freelance artist from Germany. For the last 20 years, he has worked on board games, book illustrations and comics, thus tackled the issue of how women are represented in comics today. „In many comics women are presented as pure cliche. They have to look like supermodels. But for this genre I think it could be important to increase the amount of female superheroes“, said Racsmany and furthermore added how it would be a great approach to construct more female superheroes that would carry a message of hope for all children.

He realized that a lot has to be invested in order to create this kind of change, since many still believe that comics are still for young boys. „There is a discussion about women in comics from now and then. But still not enough“, pointed out Racsmany.

Artist Oli Fuchs elaborated on this issue as well, saying how many comic book artists today need to work harder into depicting the role of women in society. „The kids they raised become the future’s decision-makers. Also, I believe women should have their own power, they must be powerful to make their own decisions. It is sad but true that nearly the whole world is ruled by the ego and power of men. Women are perceived as the coming after men. That is all wrong“, illustrated Fuchs.

When it comes to drawing women, Fuchs is focused on creating women that will express individual unique power – true power that will be inspirational to many little girls out there. To Fuchs, there is no such thing as comic books being for boys, but rather notices a change where many women are given the opportunity to create dynamic female characters that are memorable, Fuchs shared.


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