Wife Hilariously Pranked Her Husband By “Adopting” A Coyote, And His Reaction Is Priceless


Kayla Eby is a mother and a wife who has one great hobby: making hilarious and savage pranks to her significant other.

However, one of her pranks on her husband is so hilariously evil that it will go down in the internet history as one of the greatest ones, and not just because of the prank itself, but of her husband’s reaction as well.

Eby used the help of her friend’s Photoshop skills, and she sent her husband texts making him think that she had adopted a stray coyote!


Not that only her hubby freaked out, but he failed to catch on what was going on for quite some time!

Eby posted the conversation on Facebook, and this is the full thread:

This is what real love looks like!