With The MYST XRT Toothbrush You Can Brush All Of Your Teeth In Just 30-Seconds


Did you know that you can brush your teeth in just 30-seconds time, while achieving a complete dental grade cleaning?

Well, you can!

It’s called MYSTand it’s the only toothbrush on the market that is powered by Expansion Radius Technology™, also known as XRT™!

Not much has changed over the years in regards to the toothbrush. While conventional toothbrushes do a decent job cleaning our teeth, they don’t reach those hard to get areas. MYST cleans every surface of every tooth, simultaneously! All in 30-seconds time!

MYST was created with a single goal:  to make brushing your teeth, automatic, and more efficient. The Myst features the latest innovation in dental technology and gives you daily access to automatic, dental-grade cleaning.

MYST has three different speed settings too, so you are able to choose which settings cleans your teeth, best.

The rechargeable battery is a major plus also! Simply set MYST into its base station, plug it in and you will always have a fully charged toothbrush, ready to go!

You can use your favorite toothpaste with MYST too! In fact, you are able to use whitening gel too – which combined with MYST’s blue LED light – will have your teeth six shades whiter in just 10-days, while you clean!


With MYST, plaque will no longer been an issue either! MYST is known for being able to remove plaque daily.

When a foaming toothpaste is used, the vibrating bristles of MYST help to create tiny foam bubbles that penetrate the gum line and in between each tooth, to ensure that all plaque is removed.

This toothbrush just feels like it’s made for you, personally.

Myst’s mouthpiece fits perfectly into the mouth, gives optimal pressure and offers the perfect angle to clean every tooth evenly, including the hard-to-reach areas, and along the gum line.

You can purchase MYST for just $99.99, but there are a ton of bundle pricing options too if you want to grab a few as gifts for others – or just get on for each member of your family!

You can purchase MYST HERE!