Woman Asks For a Higher Rate, Receives Offer Increased by $0.33


Although many people believe that this is an unfair practice, how much you’ll get paid for your efforts and experience at a job doesn’t depend solely on your qualities, but on what deal can you negotiate.

It’s only natural that the salary or wage is the most important thing when you interview for a new job, but negotiating a salary isn’t as easy as it seems. It can often feel like a dance – you make one step forward, and the potential employer takes a step back and offers you something that doesn’t satisfy you. So, each side takes a few steps before both of you finally reach an agreement.

However, it often happens that the employer offers a wage so ridiculous and offensive that you have to decline the offer. This is exactly what happened to one woman, who decided to share her story on TikTok. She couldn’t hide the disappointment, and the video went viral. In it, @jessthewhooty shared that she received an offer from a company that she was interviewing for, and the offer couldn’t justify her leaving her old job because, as she put it, ‘the pay was garbage’.

So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and ask for higher rates. Unfortunately, HR returned with a really minor pay increase that almost didn’t make any difference. The video inspired many people to come forward with their experience, and it sparked a heated discussion about living wages in the US and elsewhere. Check out how the story unfolded below.

@jessthewhooty STOP ACCEPTING LOW OFFERS JUST TO BE EMPLOYED! They have to pay more if we all say NO to low wages! #paymemore #livablewages #communism #socialism #sayno #lowwages ♬ original sound – JessTheWhooty

The video gained a lot of popularity and it sparked a heated debate on whether employees in developed countries pay livable wages. Unfortunately, many people argued that their employer doesn’t pay livable wages, and with the cost of expenses rising, many working people are on the verge of poverty.

Source: Bored Panda