Woman Asks Parents To Pay Her College Tuition Years Later To Forgive Them


If you’ve grown with siblings, you’re probably aware that jealosy between siblings is inevitable. Also, you’re constantly annoyed by your brothers and sisters, so the competitive nature is always there.

However, although parents should love all their children equally, in reality, it’s now always the case.

One woman recently decided to share her story about how her conservative and religious parents didn’t give her the same chance as her brothers. Namely, she shared that her three brothers got their tuition and college costs covered by their parents, but she wasn’t allowed to go to college, nor did she get any money for it. So, back then, she decided to apply on herself, got a scholarship, and left her home.

She took engineering and graduated (although she struggled with student debt and other costs), and distanced herself from her family. Now, years later, her family wants to form a relationship with her, so she demanded they pay her the same amount they paid her brothers to go to college. Check out the story below, and decide if she’s an a-hole or not.


Although the situation is tricky, most people answered that she’s not the a-hole in this situation.

However, some pointed out that by demanding 100k from her parents just for a relationship, that’s an ultimatum, which makes her the same as them. But what do you think? Is she in the wrong here? Check out some of the most popular comments, and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

Source: Bored Panda