Woman Calculates The Odds Of Surviving Covid-19 With And Without a Vaccine


Experts around the world have been trying people to convince people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 for months now, as they are the best hope for the pandemic to end. However, there have been tons of false information and conspiracy theories on the internet that made many people feel hesitant to get vaccinated.

Well, Hillary Dabbs is a TikToker that tried to dispel such information by showing people the odds of catching and actually surviving Covid-19 if you were unvaccinated vs fully vaccinated.

So, she did the maths, and calculated that one in eight people catches Covid-19 if they’re unvaccinated. On top of that, 1 in 61 unvaccinated people doesn’t make it.

However, the chances of catching the novel coronavirus if you’re vaccinated are one in 13,402. Yes, one in eight vs one in 13,402. On top of that, the chances that you’ll lose your life due to Covid-19 if you’re fully vaccinated are one in 86,500!

So, please get vaccinated!

Source: Upworthy