Woman Calls Out Man Who Won’t Back Off And Keeps Invading Her Privacy


As sad as it is, most men don’t respect women’s personal space and often even invade it. It’s a common sight to see a man come uncomfortably close to women and ‘accidentally’ brush against her body, and then act as if nothing happen.
Well, it’s time to call out this predatory behavior, which is what one woman did in a now-viral TikTok video.

Haley McQuinn recently filmed a video in which her friend, Calla, called out a man for coming too close to her and then inappropriately touched her despite being told not to. The video has since been viewed more than two million times, and in it, you can see the unidentified man placing his chair right behind Calla’s, and putting his arm on the back of her chair. It’s very obvious that she’s not comfortable with the man’s proximity to her, and her body language and facial expression can tell just how uncomfortable she is.



Normalize checking men. #feminism #womenpower #womenempowerment @callalatrice

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Although we don’t know what followed, many TikTokers were frustrated with the man’s behavior, and thanked McQuinn for sharing the video, and Calla for calling him out.

Source: Upworthy