Woman Calls Out Relatives For Treating Her Differently After She Lost Weight


Making some big changes in your life require a ton of willpower, disciple and dedication. The process can be very frustrating and exhausting, especially if it involves your health. Loosing weigh is an everyday struggle that requires a lot of discipline and a strong mindset. Unfortunately society and friends are still treating us by the way we look, something that we here at Femalista are trying to change.

To make things worse it seems like even after achieving our goal the challenges become ever more difficult, something that the Redditor euisalk knows too well from her own experience. A lot of things changed in her life after she lost a lot of weight.

“People are nicer to me,” she wrote. “I’m the same person I’ve always been, but the way I move in the world has improved because my body is smaller.”

The woman was not thrilled by the sudden change in behavior and tried to act at her best, until she finally snapped at a family gathering.

Here is her story:

After her story gained a lot of popularity people started to come forward and share their thoughts and similar experiences. Millions of people around the world have an outgoing struggle with body image and weight loss. We here at Femalista strongly believe that beauty comes from the inside, but the world we live in strongly disagrees because our size and shape still matters for the majority of society.

Its 2022 and the world is still heavily influenced by unrealistic beauty standards and diet culture. The sudden change in behavior towards people who lost weight can ignite a series of doubt. As a result they start to lose their self-esteem and it really affects their mental health and self-confidence.

On a bright note the body positivity movement is getting stronger each year and more and more people are inspired to shake off the unrealistic beauty standards and accept and love their own body.