Woman Complains About Gay-Friendly Campbell’s Soup Advert,Gets Hilariously Shut Down


A woman who trolled Campbell’s soup for their advert featuring same sex parents, got exactly what she deserved.

The gay-friendly advert, which marks the limited edition Campbell’s soup for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, shows two dads performing Darth Vader’s famous “I am your father”, while feeding their son.

Jess Hicks wrote on Campbell’s Kitchen’s Facebook page to complain about their “homosexual agenda”.

She wrote: “I’m so sick of this Homosexual agenda. You sell soup, not butt sex! Please take your ad down or you will not have a company anymore!”

But one Facebook user refused to let Hicks get away with homophobic comments and set up a fake Campbell ForHelp’s Facebook account to put her in her place.