Woman Describes How Decades Long Adult Movie Addiction Almost Ruined Her Life


Twenty-nine-year-old Jessie Maegan’s interest in porn began harmlessly enough. Her boyfriend at the time encouraged her to start watching it with him to spice up their sex life. She was apprehensive at first, but after trying it out and seeing what great effects it had on their physical relationship, she was hooked.

Maegan told the Daily Mail, “It was really exciting and definitely did the trick. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl. We had sex several times that night and I can honestly say it was the best sex I’d ever had.” This initial experience was like a drug in and of itself, of which Maegan and her boyfriend could not seem to get enough. From that night on, they started watching porn together more and more regularly, until it became a nightly fix.

She had initially been watching free porn clips that she found online, but now that was no longer enough to satisfy her. She started paying for her porn addiction so she could access the more hard-core stuff. “I moved on to group stuff with S&M, and the more I saw, the more I wanted — the edgier the better,” she told the Daily Mail.

Needless to say, like most addictions, Maegan’s was fueled by the loss of her love. She turned to porn for solace like never before.

Maegan found help online through helpaddictions.org, and learned to curb her addiction slowly by using an alarm clock to tell her when she needed to stop watching. Now she has weaned herself off porn entirely and is looking to rebuild a life free of addiction.

An addiction to porn may feel private and embarrassing, but the longer you go not talking about it, the stronger a hold it can take of you. Maegan was surprised how genuinely compassionate her parents were when she came clean about her addiction.