Woman Earns More And Paid Off Her Student Loans By Asking Simple “Over/Under” Question


Caitlin Boston is a 35-year-old woman who decided to record a joyful vide of herself jumping into a metallic, purple catsuit with two backup dancers costumed in money signs in order to celebrate her paying off her student debt of over $200k.

She told BuzzFeed news that it took her 10 years to get there, and it might have taken much, much longer if she hadn’t asked her colleagues a very simple question.
She even uploaded her celebration to YouTube, where she explains that she finally made her last student loan payment.


Boston graduated in 2009, and she earned her master’s in social psychology and two undergraduate degrees in anthropology and American studies. So, she had $147,602 in student loans altogether, which added up to $222,817 when she made her final payment on August 6, what would have been her late father’s birthday.

She explained in her dance video how she paid off the seemingly impossible amount of debt, and she notes that she did it all by herself, meaning that no family member passed her $$$ at any point.

Today, she writes, at age 35, she’s freaking free!


She said in an interview with BuzzFeed News that she had between $62 and $74 left in her checking account in any given month when she was earning a low hourly wage, but she never missed a payment or took off much time from work, even after her father took his own life.
However, she said that, above all, the most important thing that helped her pay it off was realizing she should be getting paid more by asking her peers if they were making over or under a certain amount.

She advises everyone to ask their peers what they make, especially the male ones, and even though it might make you feel uncomfortable, it was the only reason she started making 41% a year.
Naturally, it was a life-changing amount for Boston, because it meant that she earns tens of thousands of dollars more than she was earning.

She dedicated the video and her final payment to her late father. She said that she’s thought about him and this debt every single day since he has been gone, so this win is for him too.


Congratulations to Boston and we wish her a happy and joyful life ahead!