Woman ‘Emasculates’ Fiance By Saying She’s Actually Richer After Being Pressured to Sign Prenup


The most important part of any relationship is trust. In fact, trust is essential if you want to have a long, happy, and loving relationship.

What hurts, however, is when you find out that your partner doesn’t trust you as much as you thought they do – and the worst time to find that out is during a family meeting.
One Redditor recently decided to take it to the popular Am I The A-hole sub to share their story of what happened during a family meeting. Namely, she wanted to know if she was in the wrong to call out her partner’s mom after she pushed her to sign a prenup agreement, and unintentionally ’emasculated’ her future husband in front of his entire family. Check out the full story below to find out what happened, and decide who was in the wrong yourself.


Naturally, Reddit thought that the woman did absolutely nothing wrong, and the only a-hole here was her husband-to-be (and possibly his mom):

Source: Bored Panda