Woman Finds Tracker Tile In Her Bag After Night Out, Issues Warning To Everyone


Sheridan Ellis is a woman that recently decided to issue a warning to everyone after she found a ‘tracker tile’ in her handbag after a night out.

As it turns out, the woman was celebrating a friend’s birthday and as she was on her way home, she found out that there was a tracker in her bag.

According to Ellis, the tracker was similar to the trackers people attach to their keys, and they can be tracked using Bluetooth or the internet. She claims that the tracker was literally attached on her bag, so someone could easily track her.

Ellis, from Texas, US, removed the battery from the tile, but the sense of unease and worry couldn’t be removed so easily.

She decided to warn others that they could easily find themselves in her position, and her video has since gone viral on TikTok.


Check your purses …🥴 ##fyp ##psa ##forwhatitsworth ##safety

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

The post has since been watched almost a million times, and it was captioned ‘Check our purses…’. Some people suggested Ellis she set up a sting operation: She put the tile on one of her male friend’s doorstep and monitor who rings their doorbell. Others, however, advised her to take a different approach and contact the police to find out who purchased that and who downloaded the app to register the tile tracker.

Source: LADBible