Woman Gives Birth In Japan, Shares What Food She Was Fed In The Hospital


If there’s one thing that seems to have a horrible reputation no matter where you go, it’s hospital food; bland, colorless, vomit-inducing meals that make the reason you’re there seem bearable in comparison.

Recently Imgur user Hahahah1111111 gave birth in Japan, and noticed that the food she was served in the hospital was just, like, slightly different than the unrecognizable grey stuff we tend to get in the US.

The mom took to Imgur to share images of fancy trays of food from her Japanese hospital that consistently featured a main meat or noodle entree surrounded by several options of healthy vegetable sides, rice, sauce, and tea.

While the mother enjoyed the lap of Japanese hospital luxury, other mothers couldn’t help but compare her fine dining experience to their dismal post delivery meals of flimsy french toast in the US and Wonder bread and baloney sandwiches in Canada.

The mother had no trouble recovering while in the lavish comfort of her Japanese care and they made sure to nourish her soul and stomach with trays of food, never with less than five side plates of vegetables, fruits, tofu, rice and soup.