Woman Goes Into Labor During Her Bar Exam And Finishes The Test Hours After Giving Birth


Brianna Hill is a recent law school graduate that wasn’t going to let anything stop her from completing her final exam this month, even giving birth to a baby.

Hill has a degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and she sat for the first day of the bar exam. Halfway through the exam, though, her water broke. The mom has since told Above the Law that she went on and delivered the baby the same night. She then sat for the second part of the next test at the hospital the following day.

Although Brianna didn’t intend for things to go this way, the whole coronavirus situation changed her plans. The exam was first scheduled to take place in July, but it was postponed to October due to the pandemic.

She thought that she would be 28 weeks pregnant when she was about to take the exam, but when it got pushed to October, she was 38 weeks. She joked about taking the test from her hospital bed, and it turned out that it really went that way.

The test was scheduled to take place in four 90-minute sections spread over two days, so when she started to feel something on day one of the test, she didn’t dare to get up and continued with the test.


She took her to break, got herself cleaned up, called her husband, the midwife, and sat down to take the Multistate Essay Exam.

Brianna started having contractions while writing her essays but managed to finish the test through the pain, and by the time it ended, she was in active labor.

She rushed to the hospital and delivered a healthy baby boy, which they named Cassius Philip.

Brianna was determined to finish the test the following day, so West Suburban Hospital in Oakpark, Illinois put her in an empty room and let her do the test.

Not only did she took the rest of the test there, but she even nursed the baby in between sessions. She hopes that she passed the test, but she’s very proud that she pushed through and finished.