Woman Is Slammed For Controversial Form Of “Baby Yoga”


What is the purpose of the Russian baby throwing? I had so many questions after seeing this. It’s so hard to fathom why this might be a good idea, but I am open to finding out if it has a good reason.

Qualified physical education teacher, Lena Fokina, from Russia, said of her form of baby yoga, which has been criticised as a form of child abuse, “It’s very good for babies and not dangerous at all. Some babies cry at first, but they begin to enjoy it.”

“Most people think young babies can only lie on a bed, eat, and cry,” the 56-year-old continued in an interview reported by the Daily Mail. “But babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually.”

“I work with parents from across Europe. I hope soon I will be working with a family in England. I think there are a number of open-minded parents there whose babies could benefit from my work,” the teacher (if you can call her that) revealed.