Woman Makes Fun Of Husband’s Female Coworker For Being In Her 40s And Single


Judging someone for their age and/or relationship status is never okay. However, what if someone makes you so angry that you just have to hit a low blow?

I mean, sometimes, some people can go well overboard with something that you feel an urge to get back at them. Is it okay? I don’t know, so I’ll let you be the judge in today’s story.

Namely, one Redditor decided to share a story of how she ‘made fun’ of a woman for being single in her 40s. The OP took it to the Am I The A-hole subreddit to ask if she’s in the wrong or not, and let the court of Reddit decide. Believe me, there’s more to the story, and I’ll let you check it out for yourself before you make your final judge.


Reddit made a decision: The OP is not the a-hole here, as it was self defense. To add to that, most people wrote that Brenda, her husband’s co-worker, is the a-hole here, and she has no business telling the OP what to do in her marriage. Case closed.