Woman Over 50s Faces Backlash For “Dressing Like A Teenager”


Image source: Instagram/grayhairandtattoos

Lonni Pike is a social media influencer that runs a blog called “Gray Hair And Tattoos,” and encourages people to except who they are and enjoy life. Pike has embraced her gray hair and simply owns her style so it’s very difficult for people to label her or put her in a box. She has around 600k followers that enjoy how bold and beautiful she is, but there is always someone that has a different opinion. In fact, one of her followers wrote the following comment: “you’re too old to dress like a teenager.” Seems like Pike took this rude comment as a challenge so she dedicated a whole video talking about what it’s like to “dress like a teenager” In the video she wore one of her favorite outfits – a tucked T-shirt in her jeans along with a rocking pair of Dr. Martens.

In the past she never addressed these comments, but this time she felt she had to, because other people might feel discouraged and won’t stay true to themselves all because of what other people think of them. We must admit that Pike’s confidence is truly inspiring, even contagious so we love watching her videos. She is quite big on acceptance and never judges other for the way they dress or the way they express themselves.


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“I don’t give anyone the right to respond negatively to me in any area of my life. My life is my universe and critics are not allowed,” she told Viva Fifty. So go out there and own your style. “