Woman Points Out How Fashion Influencers Edit Their Videos


Remember how our parents used to tell us not to believe everything we see on TV? Well, living in 2022, the same can be said about the internet. In fact, a lot of the stuff we see on the internet are not true, especially when considering the fact that anyone can post on the internet. So, chances are that you’ll come across something that’s completely made up. But with so many influencers on the social media, it’s easy to fall into the pit and believe that they’re living the best life, all while looking like movie stars.

However, the reality is that a large percentage of the photos posted by influencers or celebrities are highly edited and don’t represent reality.

Well, TikTok user @residualdata has dedicated their time to spread awareness about video editing technology that allows you to change your body shape without anyone noticing it.

Sophie, the girl behind @residualdata, notices all the edits, so she started exposing celebrities and influencers on her TikTok page. Her videos has since gone viral, and many people want to see what the deal is. Check out the video for yourself below.

@residualdata do you think your fav influencer have access to this tech? #retouching #beautystandard #bodyimage #videoediting #CODAduets #StyleSnap ♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

The video shocked many people, because not everyone knows that such software even exists! Additionally, many people noticed that something in the video was not right, and agreed that these kinds of video manipulations are wrong. But what do you think? Who is to blame here? Maybe it’s up to the social media software to detect use of video or photo editors and flag posts that feature content that has been edited using such software.

Source: Bored Panda