Woman Quits Job After Being Constantly Reminded That She Can Be Fired at Any Moment


If you’ve ever been to the r/MailiciousComplience subreddit, you probably know what’s it about: people sharing their own stories of how they followed the ‘orders’ of their superiors, while knowing that compliance with those orders will have a negative or unintended result. Well, this is not your typical malicious compliance story, but you’ll love it!

According to a report issued by GoodHire, 82 percent of workers quit their jobs because of their managers’ poor behavior. Speaking of, Reddit user u/Public_Pressure_4516 recently shared her story as a teller at a bank. Namely, the author shared that she was new at the job, so she had difficulties with keeping her register balance. However, if that wasn’t bad enough, her supervisor would constantly remind them that they worked ‘at will’ and that they could fire them at any time.


Well, the Redditor was having none of that anymore, so when the opportunity came, they decided to quit the job. In the end, the supervisor got a taste of their own medicine, and we invite you to check out the story for yourself below.

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Source: Bored Panda