Woman Received Ugly Messages By Guy, So She Decides To Show It To His Mom


Women get harassed online every day. Whether it is on social media, or by men on dating apps, it happens absolutely everywhere, and it needs to stop.

However, we can say that we got used to shrugging it off, but all the bashing will eventually wear you down no matter how strong you are. So, how to deal with them?

Well, Kallie Plagge has got an idea.

She’s a reviews editor and host for Gamespot, and she recently shared a series of messages she received by a random guy on social media. However, instead of letting him ruin her day, she decided to show them to his own mother:

And this isn’t even the first time a gaming journalist has sent screenshots from disgusting comments directly to the sender’s mothers.

Alanah Pearce, another gaming journalist, did exactly the same in 2014, and the results were the same:

This is how people react to this method: