Woman Refuses To Let Neighbor’s Kids Use Her Pool, Asks If She’s The A-Hole


Although I haven’t experienced it myself yet (insert sad emoji here), having a new home is probably one of the most exciting experiences ever! Building (or buying) a house that has everything you ever wanted or thought you’d never have is great, but the whole experience can be ruined by bad neighbors. This is exactly what happened to Redditor Commercial_Motor394, who decided to share thier story to the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit and ask if they were in the wrong for not letting the neighbor’s kids use their pool.

The woman shared that she was already tired of their new neighbors after she had to run their kids out of their backyard and pool, even though she had made it clear that they’re not welcome there.

When the issue continued, the OP wasn’t exactly sure what else she could do.
You can check out how the story unfolded below, and see how Reddit voted.

The story gained a lot of popularity, but most people sided with the OP, saying that she can’t be the a-hole here. Her house – her rules!