Woman Responds To Misogynists Who Question ‘What About Men’s Rights?’


The fight for women’s rights and gender equality and equity has been fueled up in the last decade, but it seems like every time someone mentions women’s rights, there are men that ask: ‘Well, what about men’s rights?’. Yes, these men are a peculiar breed who fight for the men that are ‘oppressed’ and believe that men are women enjoy equal rights in society. These men often hijack conversations on women’s rights, so that’s why TikTok user Alla (that goes by the TikTok username TheRussianRoulette) recently shared a video in which she called out men who constantly interject conversations surrounding women’s rights.

As she said in her video, these men rarely care about men’s rights, and they use it just as an excuse to derail the discussions on women’s rights.


Check out her popular TikTok video that has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times for yourself:

@therussianroulette Do you? #therussianroulette #feminism #menrights #fyp #fyp #men #womenrights #women #sexism ♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

As she pointed in the video, the notion that these men actually fight for men’s rights is really off, so she concluded her video with:

“As a woman, I really care for women’s rights. And I ask you. Do you as a man really care for men’s rights?”

Source: Upworthy