Woman Schools Tom Price on Defunding Planned Parenthood: ‘How Does That Make Any Sense?’


Not all heroes wear capes.


Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price appeared on CNN Wednesday evening for a town hall on healthcare, and one woman who had a question for Price came armed with facts. Katie Needle, who lives in New York, told the head of HHS:

“Planned Parenthood provides an array of health services for women, and the majority of their patients are on Medicaid. I am a Medicaid enrollee and I am a Planned Parenthood patient, and I would be absolutely devastated if Planned Parenthood were defunded.”

But Ms. Needle was far from finished, also informing Price:

“We’ve already seen in Texas that cutting access to Planned Parenthood means women have less access to health care. More women’s health centers didn’t just magically appear because Planned Parenthood was defunded. That just doesn’t happen.”

Finally, Needle asked a question of the HHS Secretary:

“My actual question is: How do you expect the millions of low-income women nationwide who depend on Planned Parenthood for these vital human services — basic needs —  to access these things if Planned Parenthood is defunded?”

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