Woman Screenshots Inappropriate Messages Received From Guys and Sends Them to Their Mothers


Any form of persecution is unacceptable – no matter if it’s online or in person. However, some people wonder if they’re guilty or if they did something wrong if they report such a person. No, no one should feel that way – especially not if you report them to their parents!

Redditor u/Left_Wrap_5352 is an 18-year-old woman who shared that she got in touch with her guys’ moms and told them exactly what their sons were doing to her.
She shared the story on the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit and asked if she did wrong for screenshoting the messages the guys send her and sending them to their moms. Check out the story below and see how Reddit voted.

This is what Reddit had to say about the situation. Expectedly, most Redditors voted that she’s absolutely not in the wrong here, and some were impressed by her genius!

Source: Reddit