Woman Seeks Legal Advice Over a Prenup That Requires Her to Lose All Gained Baby Weight


Talking to the legal advice section of Reddit, the unnamed woman explained that she is all for prenups and wasn’t surprised when her successful neurosurgeon fiancé asked to draw one up.

“I did the standard procedure and sat down with my fiance’s father, whom is a lawyer, and he helped break it all down for me,” she wrote.

The weirdness only came when she realised that some of the clauses her partner included covered things like cheating and baby weight.

“My fiancé put a few odd clauses in our prenup, such as an infidelity clause so if I cheat on him, I walk away with basically nothing,” she began.

It’s a bit of a weird clause but not too out of the realm of reason, as many people find infidelity to be the worst form of betrayal. But nothing prepared the woman for what came next.“He put in a clause that stated that I have to lose any weight I gain after child birth, at least [14 kilos] of it in the first year following childbirth,” she added.

When commenters questioned how her fiancé would even track or enforce that particular clause the woman had an answer – one her partner had written into the prenup.

“I would weigh myself the day I find out I am pregnant and then at the peak of my pregnancy,” she explained.

“The difference would be the weight I have to lose a year from the birth date of my child, then I’d have to weigh myself again and confirm that I did lose that weight.”

And her fiancé wasn’t done being gross yet.
“The oddest of them all to me is the compensation for children clause,” she wrote.

“I am not sure if I interpreted this correctly, so anyone may correct me, but in the prenup my fiancé mentioned that for every child I have for him, I get a chunk of money, which to me doesn’t sound legal.”

The clauses are definitely strange, especially the last one, though the woman doesn’t clarify if her soon-to-be husband would be paying her lump sums for each child as they’re born, or if the payments would be in lieu of child support in the case of divorce.

“Are all these clauses enforceable in court? What makes any of them invalid?” she asked the forum.

“I haven’t signed yet and would like to get insight from someone other than my future father in law as I feel he may mislead me if his son were to benefit from it.”

Putting aside the super dodgy idea that her future father in law might mislead her for his own son’s gain, the general consensus from other Reddit users was that she definitely needed to seek a second opinion.

“Definitely consult your own lawyer,” one user wrote.

“Remember marriage is a partnership and you have assets to protect as well as he does – you should not sign his prenup, you should both sign a prenup that protects you both.”Some commenters even questioned why the woman would choose to marry a man who would try to include such concerning clauses in a legal document.

Fortunately the woman later updated her post saying that she had taken the advice and hired an attorney of her own to help her negotiate the prenup, adding that the weird clauses were definitely going to be changed.