Woman Seeks Relationship Advice After Husband’s Other Wife Shows Up At Doorstep


A woman recently shared a story on the Relationship Advice subreddit that seems like it comes from a soap opera. However, the story serves as a reminder that these things happen in real life too, and it’s actually horrifying.

The woman that shared the story first thought that the woman that came up at her door was just some “crazy woman that wanted to ruin her marriage”. However, this stranger “Cherry” showed her photos and videos documenting her husband (their husband) living a second life.
So, she decided to turn up to Reddit for advice.
They have been married for nine years, and have two 8-year-old twin girls. Her husband, however, had been keeping his big secret for years.

The story seemed so movie-like that many people actually didn’t believe it and thought that she’s just a troll. However, she posted an update to it:

This is how people who believed the story to be real responded: