Woman Shelters 97 Dogs In Her Home While Hurricane Dorian Rages Outside


Hurricane Dorian is still raging, leaving a trail of extreme destruction along its way.
More than 13,000 houses have been severely damaged, and five people lost their lives in the storm, and this small Caribbean country will need a long time to recover from it.

However, with all the human and material loss these natural disasters cause, animals are often forgotten, and we can only imagine how traumatic a category 5 hurricane must be for the poor doggos and cats.

The poor abandoned dogs don’t have a safe place to run when they’re in danger, and all they have is Chella Phillips.
Chella is not an official rescue shelter or an organization, and she is not affiliated to the Humane Society. To add to that, she doesn’t receive any kind of help from the government, and she does it all because of her love for the homeless dogs of Nassau.

Chella couldn’t leave the defenseless dogs out on the streets to face the hurricane alone, so she took in as many as she possibly could.
Believe it or not, her house was filled with 97 dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Thankfully, Chella’s post reached out to many people, and she has since been receiving donations from folks that want to help her and the dogs.
The most important part, however, is that proper shelters offered to take the dogs in and find them loving homes.