Woman Tied Up, Given 100 Lashes By Her HUSBAND Before Mob Sexually Assaults Her


This is a shocking moment when a woman got flogged 100 times by her husband as punishment for adultery before collapsing in front of a mob – who then sexually assaults her.

The terrified woman, tied by her hands to a rope hanging from a tree, can be heard screaming in pain as her husband repeatedly whipped her with a leather belt in northern India.

A group of men and boys standing around in a circle watched as she collapsed unconscious after the frenzied beating yesterday in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

But her ordeal did not end there with reports claiming some of the villagers then sexually assaulted and tried to rape her. When she regained her senses, they warned her against telling the police before running off.

It all started on March 10, her husband sent people to convince her to return home – telling her they will forget the past and start their life afresh.  When she returned, a court of village elders was established and decided on a “suitable” punishment – that decided she should be flogged 100 times by her husband.

In a mobile phone video, the woman can be seen strung up in public as he lashes out at her until she collapses.

The woman was badly injured and filed a complaint against the accused after a week once she had recovered.

According to her statement, police have registered a case against her husband, an ex-village head and five village strongmen.

Police Inspector Altaf Ansari, in charge of the Police Station, said: ‘We have registered a case against her husband Saudan, former village head Sher Singh and his son Shravansinh and arrested them.