Woman Wore High Heels And Tight Dress For 12 Hours Straight To Protest New Dress Code


Most people, and especially women, would agree that having a dress code for work that is uncomfortable is one of the worst things that can happen at a workplace, and that’s why the lesson one woman taught her employers after they introduced an incredibly restrictive and painful dress code is gaining huge popularity on social media.

Redditor u/Inconvenientsilence was furious when the casino she worked at introduced a new dress code that included high heels and “tight dresses” for the female workers so that customers would give out more tips. So, she decided to teach her managers a lesson, and wore the uncomfortable tight dress and high heels for the entire shift, even though her feet hurt like hell.


As it turns out, her managers quickly learned the lesson, and you can check out the full story for yourself below.

What a painful, but a very powerful story!

This is how fellow Redditors reacted to it: