Women Make Fun Of Male Feminists On Tinder Who Completely Miss The Point


Lane Moore is a New York-based comedian that started off a popular Tumblr named Male Feminists of Tinder.

The comedian got the idea to start off the series after she noticed a growing trend of outspoken men on the dating app: Guys saying that they’re feminists, or saying some really intense statements that they use to hook up with more women. One night, she tweeted out a screenshot of one of those profiles, and people loved it, so she made the Tumblr.
Moore told BuzzFeed that the guys she makes fun of have bios that tend to boast about their feminism and go on and on about how much they believe in equality and that women should rule the world. While that’s absolutely fine to think, having a profile bio like this is as someone saying: “I’m such a nice person! Look how nice I am!”.


Many women love the Tumblr because they’re very familiar with this type of guys.

Oh, and then there’s this one:

Wow. Just wow.