Wore a Pair of Underwear for 3 Weeks and Sold Them for $5,000


The 21-year-old full-time student signed up on Sofia Gray, an online marketplace for “lovingly used underwear.” She told Cosmopolitan, “I saw that some girls were making good money from this, so I thought I’d try it out,” adding, “I try to list three or four pairs each week, although I can get a bit lazy.”

After just six months of selling her panties, she pulled in nearly $4,000.  Things turned a corner after receiving a request from a buyer with whom she’d worked before and she pulled off the greatest panty deal in the history of the website by wearing the same pair every day for three weeks in exchange for $5,000.

Gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, M.D. spoke to Cosmopolitan about the dangers of not changing your underwear for 21 days: “There’s certainly an increased chance of yeast infection and of bacterial vaginosis, which is an imbalance of the usual bacterial environment in the vagina. These types of bugs trend to thrive in warm, moist dark places.”