Young Woman Frustrated After Sent Home From Work Because “Her Skirt Was Too Short”


Lillie Cattell is an 18-year-old woman who has been working at placement at Warwick Estates, a property management company in Harlow.
She says that she was taken to one side by a colleague last week and was told by a staff member from HR that her outfit was “unsuitable” for work and she should go home and change.

She said that she was told that she what she was wearing was unsuitable and she was sent home to change.

Cattell was very angry and frustrated because she had worn the same outfit a number of times before.
This is the outfit she was wearing:

She just said OK and walked off.

Cattell notes that her parents would say that she dressed ‘smart’, and she was very embarrassed that she had to log off and explain to her manager why she was leaving.
She felt so humiliated that she was hysterically crying and her dad had to come and pick her up.

She also noted that she’s on a low wage anyway and she was expected to make a 40-minute journey home to change and pay for the gas too.
Cattell says that she got offered to attend an informal meeting to discuss the situation, but she declined and said that she felt she was being “treated like a child”.

Cattell feels she was dressed appropriately, and she believes the company needs to make some serious changes to their policies to prevent this from happening to someone else. She has since handed in her notice, and she is due to leave the company on September 4.