Doctor Tells New Mom To “Lose Weight” After Dismissing Her Medical Symptoms


There are many things that can go wrong during pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery, and it’s a fact that women face everywhere in the world.
So, when this new mom kept experiencing some worrying symptoms after the delivery, she decided to ask for medical assistance immediately. Unfortunately, though, she didn’t receive the help she needed.

Comedian Jen Curran displayed symptoms of preeclampsia while pregnant with her daughter Rose, and she was placed on bed rest by her doctors in order to keep an eye on her condition.
However, she shared in a now-viral Twitter thread that even after delivery, she discovered that she had protein in her urine, and she was urged to visit a kidney specialist by her obstetrician because he believed it was something more serious. The kidney specialist, though, thought otherwise, and he gave her the worst advice possible.


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