Entitled Husband Wakes Up Sleeping Wife To Reheat His Dinner, Laughs When She Refuses


Although many couples agree on dividing the chores before they start living together, in reality, one partner ends up doing most of the housework. From cooking to cleaning and taking care of the kids, the chores around the house can easily add up, and being a stay-at-home parent is most definitely not an easy task.

And the most common excuse of the ‘breadwinner’ partner is that they work all day so they don’t have the energy to help around the house.

However, what’s worse is that the arguments over chores often turn to more serious arguments that can eventually ruin a relationship.

Case in point, Reddit user u/throwawaySarah7 recently took it to the Am I The A-hole subreddit and asked if she was in the wrong for getting mad at her husband because he laughed when she told him to reheat his own dinner. She shared that her husband is an ambulance driver, so she’s aware that his job is very demanding, but things escalated when she told him to reheat his dinner after he came from work.


Check out the story for yourself below, and feel free to comment who is in the wrong here.

Most people agreed that the woman is not the a-hole here, and her husband is one massive red flag.

They added that this is not about the dinner, but it’s over control, and they were horrified by what they read.

Source: Bored Panda