Woman Makes Husband Do More Chores After He Calls Himself a ‘Breadwinner’


Balancing between your career and private life can be exhausting, especially if you’re expected to do all the household chores and you get no support from your partner.

However, holding your income over your partner’s head and demanding they do more housework just because you make more money is also toxic. So, is there a middle ground? Well, that’s what Reddit user u/CommercialMachine98 wanted to know too, so she took it to the Am I The A-hole subreddit to share her story and ask if she was in the wrong for greatly increasing her husband’s chores and dismisisng his complaints after he called her a ‘homemaker’. The Redditor shared that she makes 5 times more than her husband, works more hours, and her husband expects her to do all the cooking, cleaning, and other chores around the house. Check out the story below, and feel free to share your own opinion on the matter.


The jury of Reddit voted that she’s not the a-hole, and commented that she should stand her ground, as she has every right to it. After the post gained great popularity, the OP posted an update on the situation:

Source: someecards