Primark Launches Eco-Friendly Reusable Period Underwear


More people than ever are turning green are do their bit for the environment, so reusable products have become more and more popular.
Well, the fast-fashion retailer Primark have joined in the bandwagon and they’ve launched a new range of reusable and affordable period underwear. Reportedly, the underwear comes in a variety of colors and are billed as ‘the perfect replacement for single use period products’.
So, not only that the revolutionary underwear will replace the regular menstrual products, but it will also save you money on buying new supplies every month.

The underwear ranges in colors and sizes, and they offer two flow options that are best suited for your period.

“Our light to medium option will hold up to three regular tampons worth of liquid, around 18ml, while our medium to heavy option will hold up to four tampons worth of liquid, around 24ml.” – said the retailer.
One pair will sell for £6 in the UK, while a pack of three will sell for £13.


The usage instructions say that the pants should be rinsed in cold water once worn and popped in the washing machine as normal. Some users, however, were not impressed with the product and wrote that they couldn’t imagine themselves using reusable panties for their periods. What do you think? Have you ever worn reusable period panties? Feel free to discuss it in the comments.