Women Share How Their Views On Abortion Changed After Giving Birth


As sad as it is, we still live in a world where the laws about women’s reproduction rights are made by men who have never and will never experience pregnancy or childbirth.

Numerous anti-abortion legislation were introduced in the US and the world in the past year, and they force women to go through pregnancy and childbirth regardless if it’s healthy for them, so we firmly belive that women who actually experience pregnancy and childbirth should have more say in such legislations.

Based on a recent poll by Gallup, 53 percent of women in the US idenfity as ‘pro-choice’, wihle 43 percent identify as ‘pro-life’. However, a recent Twitter thread shows how actual experience can change your views.

Namely, writer Jennifer Wright recently called women to ‘raise their hands if pregnancy and childbirth has only made them more pro-choice’. The responses came flooding in right away, and you can check out some of them for yourself below.

Many women shared their stories of how childbirth, pregnancy, or childrearing has either firmed up their pro-choice stance or turned them from pro-life to pro-choice:

Source: Upworthy