Husband Says Wife Shouldn’t Get a Dime From His Inheritance, Gets Mad When She Does The Same


If you’re in a serious commitment with someone, discussing money with your partner is essential. Although it might be a touchy subject, you and your partner should have a calm and honest talk about each other’s financial habits, goals, income, etc. If you skip this discussion entirely, a problem will be inevitable, so take notes!

Reddit user u/Zealousideal_Fly4786 recently decided to take it to the popular Am I The A-hole sub to share a tricky situation she’s in, and wanted to ask if she’s in the wrong or not. Namely, the woman shared that her partner explicitly told her that any inheritance money he gets are only yours, even though they’re married and have three children together. However, when she inherited some money, he wanted a piece, and she was having none of it.


He got angry and called her an a-hole, so she was wondering if she really is, and asked for advice. Check out the story below and decide for yourself who is in the wrong here.

After many people suggested that she’s absolutely not in the wrong here, she posted an update on the situation:

This is how people reacted to the story. Expectedly, they voted that she’s not in the wrong here, and she should ask for marriage and financial counseling.

Source: Bored Panda