Mom Wonders If She’s Wrong For Avoiding “Black” Baby Names To Make Her Kid’s Life Easier


Believe it or not, racism is still so present in the American lifestyle that even having a name that is considered “black” can affect your job prospects!
As awful as it is, parents of black children have tough decisions to make: do they strategically give their children names that will make their lives easier and will hit the top of resume piles, or do they stick to their cultural convictions?

Yes, these struggles are very real, and a black mom-to-be recently shared a post on the AITA subreddit in which she shared how she doesn’t want to give her son a “black name” because she doesn’t want to make his life harder.


We must admit that it’s heartbreaking to be even discussing this, and we honestly don’t think any of the parents are wrong.
What’s your opinion on this one? Is the mother in the wrong for wanting to make her child’s life easier?

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