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Trump Mistakenly Said Births In 9th Month Of Pregnancy Will Not Be Allowed


President Donald Trump has gone on record stating that “there are laws that allow birth in the ninth month of pregnancy”. Well, yes, there are, and I believe those laws were put there by Mother Nature, genetics, God, or whichever phrase suits you the most. The POTUS, however, called for those laws to be abrogated.

Noga Tarnopolsky shared the video of the statement Trump made. He said that the laws allow in a number of states for a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the 9th month, and it’s wrong and it has to change.


We would assume here that Trump either made a mistake or he doesn’t know the difference between childbirth and abortion, but prisons would be crowded if giving birth in the 9th month is going to be deemed illegal.

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