Australian Dads Will Get 14 Weeks Off Work of Paid Paternity Leave


In a huge equality shift in Australia, dads that are working in the NSW public sector will be able to get up to 14 weeks of paid paternity leave.

The overhaul will start in October and there will be longer be a distinction between a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carer of a newborn, meaning both mothers and fathers will be equally entitled to the provision.

This is what Premier Dominic Perrottet said on Sunday:

‘While most parents across Australia are entitled to paid primary parental leave, only 12 per cent of those who take it are men. Supporting all parents to spend more precious days with their newborn children helps them form bonds that last a lifetime.’


With the new arrangement, each parent wll be able to take at least 12 weeks of paid leave and exhaust any paid parental leave offered by the employer. Single parents will be entitled to full 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

Source: Daily Mail