Mom Refuses To Thank Husband for Taking Care of Their Baby, Asks If She’s Wrong


If you consider having a child, but you’re not interested in taking care of it, it’s probably for the best to reconsider your decision. Childcare is a full-time job, and if you’re in a relationship, it for the best to team up with your partner and divide the responsibilities around the child.

Watching over children is no easy task. It’s actually pretty hard, exhausting, and sometimes even painful, and if you’re the main caretaker of your children, having your partner watch the kids isn’t ‘babysitting’.

Well, one Redditor wasn’t sure about this, so she decided to ask the good people of Reddit to decide whether she was in the wrong for not thanking her husband for taking care of the baby. Yes, we know how it sounds, but we’ll still invite you to check out the full story before you make a judgment.


Expectedly, Redditors had a lot to say about the situation – and the vast majority of the commenters agreed that the mom is absolutely not in the wrong here. Her husband, however, should realize that he’s the co-parent of the child, and it’s implied that he should be helping with the child.

So, Not The A-hole all the way.

Source: Someecards