New Dad Sleeps In Guest Room So Wife Takes Care Of The Crying Baby At Night


Most parents would tell you that being a parent is certainly not an easy task, and, no matter how much support you receive from your family and friends, the constant exhaustion that moms and dads face can only be understood by fellow parents.

To add to that, the nature of sexism brings far more societal pressure and scrutiny on moms, regardless of how good of a parent they are.

The embedded nature of gender roles still goes strong, even today, and dads still get applauded for doing something basic as watching the kids or packing their lunch while mom is out, while the same tasks are expected of the mom.

However, it’s not always how it seems, and this dad’s story divided people. Namely, one sleep-deprived dad took it to Reddit’s Am I The A-hole sub to ask whether he was in the wrong to sleep in the guest room to force his wife to wake up when their three-month-old baby cries.


There’s more to the story than it seems, and we invite you to check it out for yourselves below.

The opinions were divided, but most people leaned towards not-the-a-hole. But what do you think? Who is in the wrong here? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

Source: Someecards